I tried updating Samba to 3.4 (from 3.3) as libsmbclient uses it and 
that pulls in talloc which conflicts with 3.3..

Unfortunately when I tried it, it hung when I tried to use the ldap 
passdb backend. I could not really get any useful debugging out of it

The stack trace is junk (even after enabling max debug) and running 
sudo /usr/local/sbin/smbd -d 10 -F -S

Showed stuff but nothing related to LDAP (except mentioning the line in 
the config) and it still hung after saying it was going to daemonise 

It hung not using any CPU but it hadn't yet opened any TCP listen 
sockets - however it did have a socket to the LDAP server open.

Does anyone actually use this combination on FreeBSD?

I have had various annoying issues with LDAP (eg slapd crashing when 
it's not shut down cleanly, various frustrations getting it setup etc) 
but I haven't come across this bug before.

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