> On 19 Sep 2016, at 12:59 PM, Miroslav Lachman <000.f...@quip.cz> wrote:
> In the end of this story - we are no longer using ports versions for any PHP 
> web applications. We are using them directly because ports were more 
> problematic.

We use various PHP packages from ports for a larger project
without any issues or having to deal with custom options.
It has also gotten a lot better in the last two years from
a ports framework perspective.

Yes, some things get messy when you go against the framework,
but that only leaves the option to make the framework more
flexible or deal with the custom build by building another
framework.  If there is an incompatibility between the two
approaches I don't see how e.g. your issues will be resolved
by changing the ports framework.

If there aren't any incompatibilities it's just work to get
it done.  :)

> pkg is too interactive anyway (compared to any older method) so I don't think 
> this will be a problem. I think it will be useful to do this on install phase 
> instead of package building phase.

pkg scripts really well compared to e.g. OpenBSD's pkg_add,
which at least for 5.9 cannot non-interactively select ambiguous
flavors.  You can see the latter was designed and nurtured from
a user's point of view, but deploying jails or custom images
with packages is way easier with FreeBSD's pkg.  It's not perfect
either, but it's in better shape than you might believe.

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