MacPorts has this and I believe that Debian has something similar.

Say I want to install


and they CONFLICT

what if I could change the foobar ports to install in, say 
${PREFIX}/libexec/foobar-1.0 and ${PREFIX}/libexec/foobar-2.0 respectively, and 
then add a metaport that symlinks the preferred one.

Fine you say, look at python or similar metaports. Sure, but it would nice to 
have a port that also has a command

portselect foobar foobar-1.0


portselect foobar foobar-2.0

and the preferred version would be symlinked from ${LOCALBASE}/bin/foobar -> 
${PREFIX}/libexec/foobar-2.0/foobar so users could set and change the default 
version and still use the common binary distributed packages.

Just a thought. This could of course be written for a specific port, but 
perhaps there is a mechanism in the ports tree for this that I've missed?


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