Hope you're doing well!

I've tried to make ports for few Eclipse plugins:

Before I've used installation via update sites, i.e. via Eclipse mechanism.
But I've found few disadvantages of such approach:
 - it results in mess of plugins in .eclipse/org.eclipse.../plugins folder.
 - lack of native support for CDT. CDT doesn't provide FreeBSD support by
default, so it requires additional OSGi fragments to bring FreeBSD support.
Such fragments can be easily added to ports.

As result, I've made bit of work to prepare ports.

Here is brief description of porting approach:
 - NO_BUILD: port downloads ready plugins & features from update sites
 - dropins: no surprise, port installs downloaded files into
 - dependencies: port also downloads/installs dependencies not present in
ports (like emf or birt) in share/eclipse/<PORTNAME>/eclipse folder.
 - distinfo: plugins & features are downloaded separately, file by file. So
it results in huge list of files in distinfo.
 - new plugins: to port new plugin, I start clean Eclipse instance and
install plugin in question via update site. Then fill variables
PLUGINS/FEATURES/DEPS of Makefile accorging to
~/.eclipse/org.eclipse../{features,plugins} folders.

I would like to hear your thoughts about it. May be it's waste of time and
best way to install Eclipse plugins is still to use update site.

Thank you in advance!

P.S. CDT fragments to bring FreeBSD support is in testing now, I'll realize
them soon.
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