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> Le 22/09/2016 à 13:37, Kurt Jaeger a écrit :
> > Hi!
> >
> >> which depends on libsysinfo 0.0.2_1, GNU libc's sysinfo port for FreeBSD
> >> devel/libsysinfo
> >> which is now
> >> "BROKEN: Unfetchable (google code has gone away)"
> >>
> >> LXDE is a very nice lightweight desktop environment
> >> that I have been using while waiting for the LXQt port.
> >>
> >> I am preparing to upgrade to FreeBSD 11 and recompile my system.
> >>
> >> Will the ports formally hosted by google code find a new host soon?
> > Only if you provide one -- and a patch for the port.
> > There's discussion on how to handle the vanished google code repo
> > and it's not decided yet.
> There is no discussion, there are two possibilities for each port:
> - The software for the port has a new home, the port should be updated
> to reflect that
> - The software for the port is dead, and if nobody adopts it (by that, I
> mean become upstream), it will eventually be removed.
> --
> Mathieu Arnold

Life should be so simple! There may be two possibilities for each port, but
there may be more.

I was working on on port, multimedia/mp4v2, the was hosted on Google Code.
It was a while ago to GitHub, but was moved twice by two people. Which one
is "official"? One has had a release since the move. The other has had
patches, but no new release. Which to use?

More prosaically, most of these distros are cached on FreeBSD servers. At
least the port I was working on has had the BROKEN removed and is
downloading the tarball from that cache. As long as no security issues are
found, that looks like the best interim solution. If it ain't broke, don't
fix it and don't say that it's broken.
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