On 10.10.2016 21:25, David Wolfskill wrote:

After copying eacho those, firefox starts, then errors out:

On the other hand, with those in place, firefox-49.0_8,1 builds, stages,
and installs OK... though it doesn't stay up for very long.  :-(

OK; I fired up my poudriere package-builder (with ports still at

[01:59:39] ====>> Failed ports: www/firefox:stage
[10amd64-ports-home] [2016-10-10_16h52m00s] [committing:] Queued: 284 Built: 
283 Failed: 1   Skipped: 0   Ignored: 0   Tobuild: 0    Time: 01:59:35
[01:59:39] ====>> Logs: 

Folks who are interested may find a copy of the log at
(I also placed a gzipped copy in the same directory, so it's only
217KB, vs. 5.2MB.)

Same error on my build-machine. My logs are similar to yours. :/


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