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> As the number of dependencies between packages get ever higher, it 
> becomes more and more difficult to compile packages and the dependence 
> on binary precompiled packages is increased. However binary packages 
> are unsuitable for some situations.  We really need to follow the lead 
> of some of the Linux groups and have -runtime and -devel versions of 
> packages,  OR  we what woudlbe smarter, woudl be to have several "sub 
> manifests" to allow unpacking in different environments.
> [...]

And GNU/Linuxes can be a PITA when you have to track -dev(el) packages (which 
sometimes really requires -bin, -app or whatever), or worst, describe to people 
how they are supposed to build your software with weird subpackage names.

I really like that ports provides the software project as intended by upstream 
(modulo options).

Matthieu Volat <ma...@alkumuna.eu>

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