On 10/15/16 21:06, Michael Butler wrote:
Just a "heads up": wireshark 2.2.x introduces the compiler flag
"-msse4.2" via 'configure' if the compiler accepts that flag.

The capability, or otherwise, of the host machine is ignored as it is
expected that the one module in which GCC will use these instructions
has a run-time check.

This does not work for CLANG on "deficient" hardware; LEMON (part of the
build tool-chain) will also be compiled with these extended instructions
and cause exceptions on hardware that doesn't support them :-(

There's a related discussion on the wireshark-bugs list referring to
"bug 10792"

Seems like the easy fix would be to incorporate the fix for this bug, and then disable SSE4.2 in a CFLAGS override. The better fix would be to have clang do the same as GCC so that the test build would fail on those platforms that don't support SSE4.2.



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