On 16.10.2016 05:16, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
Has anyone actually looked/asked how other OS's solve this problem?

Yes, for various linux distributions. This provided me with so many reasons to stay and work with the ports-tree.

I too found "xxx-dev" vs "xxx-lib" annoying until I realized how clean
it actually is.

You need to be more clear with that. Most distributions already fail with the "normal" names of modules. You need to install php-xml to get UTF8 and also you directly get DOM, which has nothing to do with it. Also simpleXML is installed with it, which is a lightweight replacement for DOM and the other XML functions so you do not use more than one of it - but of course everything is installed. php-dev? Yes, it is definitely needed to get the PostgreSQL module for PHP. But for MySQL there is php-mysql.

In FreeBSD? php-xml, php-simplexml, php-dom, php-pg, php-mysql.

I'm working as a developer and as an administrator. As administrator it is fairly easy to get a list of modules and software to install and have packages named like the software.

I've created a sheet of translations for our linux-admins. "If developer wants this $software you need to install $something-different".

We should definitely be surveying the landscape before rolling our own
NIH solution.

We do. And the ports-tree offers features missing in most others distributions. pkg audit for example. Or a consistent placement of the files and configurations.

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