Is there a standard way of naming a pkg that is locally compiled (maybe with a different set of options, or a local patch) so that it doesn't get confused with generic ports that are from

I want to use mostly standard pkgs but need to compile a few myself (this can't be an uncommon requirement).

How can I name my variant pkgs so the the pkg program (and ports) can still know that it is a satisfactory supplier of prerequisite components?

e.g. if a pkg wants a specific rev of libxml2 how much does it use of the name libxml2-2.9.2_2 ?

Can (should) I add stuff after the '_'? If I do will it still recognise my pkg file and if I do are there any rules regarding *WHAT* I can put there.

lastly is there somewhere I should be looking to read all this information rather than pestering the mailing list?

What I'd like to have is my own depot with something like:




where 'mumble.3' is a locally defined addition, but all the rest of the pkgs are straight from, (or at least compile in default form).

This "kind-of" works, but the rules of play are not defined anyhere I have read, so I don't know if it's going to suddenly fail one day.

Also it's be really nice if there were a variable I could set to "mumble.3" so that I don't have to do a manual rename, because between the time that the package is made and it is renamed there is a 'misnamed' package sitting around acting as a potential source of confusion.



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