I’m having trouble selecting options for ports through make.conf.

For most ports, this works fine.  I have set NO_DIALOG=yes so I can run ports 
commands from scripts and cron without being stuck in a dialog; for those few 
ports where I do need custom options, I set appropriate _SET and _UNSET options 
in make.conf, for example:
graphics_ImageMagick_SET+=      PANGO
graphics_ImageMagick_UNSET+=    X11
graphics_ImageMagick7_UNSET+=   X11

However, if I try to do the same with GSSAPI, ports won’t build unless I do 
create a config file for that port.

For example, with dns/bind99, without options for that port in make.conf, I can 
run make showconfig and other build commands without issue.  As soon as I add 
either of these:
dns_bind99_UNSET+=  GSSAPI_BASE
dns_bind99_SET+=    GSSAPI_MIT

running make showconfig produces:
# make showconfig
====> You must select one and only one option from the GSSAPI single
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /freebsd/checkout/ports/dns/bind99

If I then run make do-config and simply save the config presented, the port 
starts working again as expected.

This appears to affect any port that uses GSSAPI.

I would very much like to be able to build ports without any interaction, and 
since I’m setting config options through make.conf, I’d also prefer not having 
to create ports options files, ever.

Is there some option I’m missing for GSSAPI?  I find the user documentation for 
GSSAPI not very helpful in this regard.  I’ve tried to understand what 
Mk/Uses/gssapi.mk does, but failed.


p.s. here’s a slightly condensed version of make.conf that I’m using:

DISTDIR?=               /var/ports/distfiles
WRKDIRPREFIX?=  /var/ports/work
INDEXDIR=               /var/ports
NO_DIALOG=      yes
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=      bdb=48
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=      perl5=5.20
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=      ssl=openssl
editors_emacs_UNSET+=   MAGICK
# … more ports options

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