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On 2/14/2017 12:50 PM, Dewayne Geraghty wrote:
I think that commit message combined with
https://www.freebsd.org/internal/code-of-conduct.html is enough.
The commit message basically says that he misbehaved once too often and
the CoC defines what "misbehave" might mean. Not over the top
transparent/detailed to be honest. > Right, would you want an organization
you volunteered for to drag your > name through the mud for some reason?

For reference, the commit message has this text:

Their behaviour towards their fellow contributors has repeatedly fallen
short of what the Project expects of its members. They were given multiple
warnings that their interactions with other contributors needed to improve
and unfortunately they did not.

Don't you think his name is -already- dragged through the mud by having
one's commit bit removed with reasons as stated above?

Just curious. :)

Hello. Is there an *adult* in the room?
c'mon. Am I the only one here that see's this as childish behavior?
I feel like I'm in a classroom in elementary school, and the teacher
just punished one of the students for misbehavior. Or maybe Parents
scolding their bickering kids.
Don't any of you get it?! You're plowing through thousands of lines
of code. You're anxious, you've got a few hundred pr(1)'s to get
through. The last thing you are right now is "feely". You intend
to get these PR's out, so things can move forward with the ports
tree. Which will really help *everyone*. I've been in this sort
of situation *thousands* of times, myself. The pressure gets to
you. *John* is not the only one here that gets, or ever feels
this way, and any of you who have made *any* real commitments
to the FreeBSD source/ports/$WORK know damn good and well what
I mean here.

This action is a childish outburst by someone, or someone(s)
with the power to pull, or the influence to pull commit bits.
Pure, and simple.
This is NOT how a PROFESSIONAL organization reacts to situations
where quality personnel are involved.
This sort of thing looks REALLY bad in the press!

Say what you want about me. But I know well, and good that
many, if not most of you reading along, know what I am saying
is at *least* not far off.

Thank you for your indulgence, and apologies if any of my
language should seem offensive.
After some 30 years on BSD, I feel strongly about it, and this
sort of thing *really* disappoints me.

Could not have said this any better. I user of FreeBSD coming from Linux ( since 1995 ) and having to go thru the systemd fiasco causing me to move to FreeBSD. Do I now need to move to Dragonfly BSD? Or do I need to go back to building and packaging my own version of Linux. This did not impress me at all to say the least.

Later.....Looking for options.....

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