> >> On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 1:30 AM, Julian Elischer <jul...@freebsd.org> 
> >> wrote:
> >> > quarterly however is broken because the pkg mirors discard it all at the
> >> > time of update.

> >> Do they have to?
> >> Why couldn't pkg mirrors keep say, the four latest quarterly sets
> >> all the time?

> > Because the URL for the latest quarterly is one stable URL.

> Obviously this has to be changed. As I wrote:
> "No extra work involved once the setup is configured and tested".
> So yes, there is some work needed, but it would be a one-time job.

> If anyone has any real arguments as to why the FreeBSD project can't
> do it this way, let's hear them.

Lack of developer- and clusteradm-time. See my other posting.
Time deficit goes directly to the core of pkg/ports stuff, which
is, due to the complexity, limited to very few very skilled people
that happen to find time to solve the problem.

It's not a trivial problem, you can look at almost all source
code ecosystems (OSX, Microsoft, Solaris 8-}, debian, etc):
All struggle with the rate of change and the complexity of the task.

So it's not helping to yell louder at the folks working on it,
so please yell smarter 8-} Use a yelling tool like bugzilla,
and fine-tune your yelling by providing test cases and patches.

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