According to pkg-plist the header file should be installed. Did you
install from ports or binary packages?

Try to reinstall it.

On 2017-08-09 20:30, Wayne Marsh wrote:
> Hey all, I installed the aws-sdk-cpp port, and I'm trying to use the EC2
> API.  But I get a legit error that
> /usr/local/include/aws/ec2/model/InstanceHealthStatus.h doesn't exist.  Any
> idea why only a partial SDK was installed and what I might do to correct
> the issue?  I'm running FreeBSD 11.0 RELEASE.
> I have successfully used the CloudWatchLogs client, and I'm actually
> extending that code.  I'm a little baffled by the missing include file
> which is depended on by another present include file.  I have no idea where
> to start looking as Google raises no hints while searching for an answer.

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