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Thanks Adam, its very reassuring to know that you'll "dogfood" the update prior to releasing to FreeBSD ports users. This is one of those high impact updates that need it - like sendmail, samba, heimdal, squid, nginx, apache ... ;)

Kind regards, Dewayne

PS dogfood is a peculiar term where, typically a supplier, uses what they provide to others. As an example: I first came across the term when HP Management wanted to demonstrate to their external customers that they use the same services internally as supplied externally. (I could write a short-story...)

Thanks Dewayne,

Dogfooding is why 2.3 wasn't committed. Larry didn't have problems with the upgrade, but I ran into a number of them on my own server, including some showstoppers (especially one that caused all incoming attachments to get mangled).

I have every intention of committing 2.3.1 once it gets released, though if it happens right at the end of the month, I may wait a few days for 2018Q2 to get branched beforehand---I'd like for the kinks to be worked out in head before it hits quarterly.

# Adam

Adam Weinberger

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