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In the interest of reducing the overhead of cleanly building PKG(8) packages from ports, I have done some research into the possibility of building and packaging without the need for either superuser or a jailed system.

With some hacks, I have managed to build a package of x11-servers/xorg-server from my normal user account which can then be installed through pkg as root and run successfully.  All non-base build tools are obtained through pkg as normal user; in fact I have removed /usr/local/*bin from the PATH used when building.  If anyone is interested, I can put together a writeup of what I have done so far to get this to work.  There are still problems with some file paths getting baked in with the path to my build directory, which of course should not be there.

However, I am aware that other work has been done towards this end, but with the diversification of ports management utilities, patch files distributed by various means, and lack of an established official solution (using only /usr/ports/Mk and PKG(8)), it's difficult to assess the situation.  I am hoping that someone who is more familiar with this matter can point me to any resources or past efforts which may not be obvious, or perhaps can convince me that trying to get the ports system to behave in this way is not really worthwhile.

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