% pkg version -PvL=
pecl-intl-3.0.0_12                 ?   orphaned: devel/pecl-intl
% ls /usr/ports/devel/pecl-intl
Makefile        distinfo        pkg-descr
% grep DEFAULT_VERSIONS /etc/make.conf
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=      apache=2.2
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=      php=5.4
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=      ghostscript=9
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=      ssl=openssl
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=      perl5=5.24
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=      python2=2.7
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=      python3=3.4
DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=      python=3.4

 What do I do wrong? It is fresh ports (updated today), latest pkg (1.10.5).

// Lev Serebryakov
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