Dimitry Andric <d...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> On 3 Apr 2018, at 21:23, Michael Grimm <trash...@ellael.org> wrote:
>> Dimitry Andric <d...@freebsd.org> wrote:
>>> On 3 Apr 2018, at 19:34, Michael Grimm <trash...@ellael.org> wrote:

>>>> Well, this time, after adding "USE_CXXSTD=gnu++98" into that port's 
>>>> Makefile, poudriere has not been able to compile that port. Sadly. But 
>>>> thank you anyway.
>>> Please try the patches in <https://bugs.freebsd.org/227209>.
>> I did apply your patch "Make geomWatch obey USE_CXXSTD=gnu++98 option" to 
>> sysutils/geomWatch/files/patch-Makefile and "USE_CXXSTD=gnu++98" to 
>> sysutils/geomWatch/Makefile, and it compiles successfully. Thanks.
>> P.S. Do you want me to apply Harald's patch "zfs-sysevent.h: Insert 
>> whitespaces for C++11 compile werror." in addition and/or as well?
> Either Harald's patch, or mine, both is superfluous.

I did apply both patches to vanilla sysutils/geomWatch ports, respectively.
Both patches are compiling this port successfully.

Congratulations and regards,

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