Hi All,

You are all maintainer of a port that depends on www/apache22. The
Apache 2.2 port has been marked EXPIRED for almost a year. I was about
to delete it but didn't want to go ahead without informing you. My
analysis of the dependent ports can be found in the FreeBSD wiki

www/mod_antiloris a...@vts.su.ac.rs
www/mod_clamav tmu...@kommunity.net
www/mod_extract_forwarded kuriy...@freebsd.org
www/mod_log_config-st portmas...@bsdforge.com
www/mod_log_mysql portmas...@bsdforge.com
www/mod_macro22 luk...@wasikowski.net
www/mod_memcache_block g...@hychen.org
www/mod_remoteip po...@christianserving.org
www/mod_uid jon...@freebsd.org
www/mod_whatkilledus f...@moov.de
www/mod_xml2enc dna...@gmail.com
www/mod_spdy mas...@club.kyutech.ac.jp

If the port cannot be updated to work with Apache 2.4 it will be
removed together with www/apache22. Let me and apache@ know if you can
update the port to use 2.4 or if there's a different port we should be
pointing to in MOVED.

Thank you for your cooperation!

With kind regards, Bernard Spil (with hat apache@)

2018-04-08 12:57 GMT+02:00 Bernard Spil <br...@freebsd.org>:
> There's been no-one wanting to keep Apache 2.2 that has come forward.
> Expect www/apache22 to be removed later in the week. Cleanup of
> Mk/Uses/apache.mk after that.
> 2018-03-27 14:52 GMT+02:00 Bernard Spil <br...@freebsd.org>:
>> Hi all,
>> Just noticed that the Apache project has removed the patches they had for
>> 2.2.34.
>>     http://www.apache.org/dist/httpd/patches/apply_to_2.2.34/
>> Combined with the security update of 2.4 branch to 2.4.33 leads me to
>> believe that Apache 2.2 is now vulnerable and no patches will be provided.
>> If someone wishes to step up and get patches for 2.2 from e.g. RedHat, we
>> may be able to keep the port alive for a bit longer. If no one steps up, I
>> see no other way forward than to delete the port as indicated by the
>> DEPRECATED variable and expiration date 2017-07-01 since July 2016.
>> Cheers,
>> Bernard.
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