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1) Yes.

2) No. As far as I know, OPTIONS_DEFAULT should only include TKAGGBACKEND for
it to work with both Python 2 and 3, since GTKBACKEND and GTKAGGBACKEND do not
work with Python 3.

3) Looking at Freshports for the active ports that require this port, few of
them seem to *require* a specific GUI toolkit to be enabled when looking at
their Makefiles. Only math/cadabra2 uses gtkmm30 and gdkpixbuf2, which *might*
imply a need for GTKBACKEND or GTKAGGBACKEND. But this port is limited to
Python 2.

Would it be allowed to set different OPTIONS_DEFAULT depending on the Python
version? Set it conditionally in the main port and override it in a py3 slave

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