--- Comment #7 from Kubilay Kocak <> ---
(In reply to Konstantin Shapkin from comment #4)

As far as "ImportError: No module named tests" goes:

a) there is no tests/ directory (module) in the root
b) there *is* an influxdb/tests directory (module)
c) their CI (travis.yml/tox.ini) configuration runs: 'nosetests -v ...'
d) (c) means they don't test their "python test" test entry point

My guess is that tests/ was probably moved to influxdb/tests at some point, and was not updated (to 'influxdb.tests') to match. Since nose
has good test discovery, it finds influxdb/tests without being pointed to it.

This all means, you can probably run tests by either:

1) Patching, settings its value to 'influxdb.tests'
2) use ${PYTHON_CMD} -m nose as the test command

Personally, I would do (1), as I prefer to use the canonical 'pythonX.Y test' command, making it work if I have to (with patches), and
submitting the changes/bugfixes upstream so projects know that people care.

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