--- Comment #27 from Roberto Fernandez Cueto <> ---
Ok, I have tracked this error until the following conclusion:
I have run the following code in python3.6 and python2.7,

import ctypes
import ctypes.util
libc = ctypes.CDLL(find_library(''), use_errno=True)
sz = ctypes.c_unit(0)
libc.sysctlbyname('kern.boottime', None, ctypes.byref(sz), None, 0)

On python3.6 the result is -1 and errno=ENOENT, but in python2.7 the
sysctlbyname(3) function returns 0 and the sz variable correctly set.

Xonsh assumes that out machine is not a BSD machine because this function
does not return a valid parameter.

I do not know which will be the best solution.

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