this has been a question of mine for a long time, what is the
best way to restart services that are loaded via the rc
file? I am used to the system V init scripts which of course
provide an easy way to restart a service. i know that many
ports come with contained init scripts which go to
/usr/local/etc/rc.d ..but still a good deal seems to be
loaded from those /etc/rc* scripts(rpc/nfs, networking etc)

same goes for networking, if I changed /etc/rc.conf to add
virtual interfaces whats the best way to reload the configuration?
I saw on one website:

where the author reccomended a reboot after changing rc.conf !! ack.

I know I can do it manually but am hoping for a more foolproof
way. i looked through manpages of rc.conf and rc and could not
find info on how to reload a specific service.

while I don't mean anything negative towards freebsd's init system,
whats the advantage of using it over the more common system V ? or
is it there just because it's always been that way ?

I am mostly a debian person, so i am used to the debian-way, but
i am tryin hard to learn freebsd in-depth too.



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