On Thu, 17 Oct 2002 13:25, Jason Hunt wrote:
> > Question: Is there anyway to set up an Icon on a Windows box that will
> > dial up the
> One other solution ... I know of a guy who had a modem that was always
> re-dialing, so he attached a light switch on his phone line, and would
> switch it on when he wanted his modem to connect :)

You can setup windows to make the freebsd box dial/hangup... But by far the 
best optoin is to use a switch, I just turn the modem on to use it, and off 
to disconnect (:

Another really clever idea however is to have a web page on the FreeBSD box, 
which allows the user to start or stop ppp. So then your default home page 
can have a connect/disconnect icon! (Or even extra functions like shutdown 
and whathaveyou).


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