Gert Cuykens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> so if i understand it corectly the hole mail thingie is based on
> -a mail client (mutt) 
> -a mail sender (sendmail)
> -a mail storage (postfix)
> -a mail receiver (fetchmail)

As Chris said, not quite.

The place to _begin_ on all this is is the Handbook

I'm assuming you are on a  machine linking to an ISP's smtp and pop3

To set up e-mail as God intended what you need in brief is

A. A mail transport agent - sendmail OR postfix, (or exim or even qmail)
but not both.  This will hand off the e-mail once you have posted it and
will take care of one part of its journey into your computer/s.

B. A Mail reader/composer, an MUA, mail user agent.  Lots of these to
choose from, mutt or elm being old standbyes.

C. Something to fetch the mail if you are using your ISP's pop3 server
   Fetchmail is good.

D. Something to sort the mail - procmail is a good mail processor

Coming in the process  is something like:-

Fetchmail -> sendmail/postfix -> procmail -> mutt

There are opportunities for filtering spam at different points in this

The outward move is simpler

mutt -> sendmail -> your ISP

OR   you can use something like Mozilla Thunderbird which is an
all-in-one mail system by itself, and is possibly easier to set up.

Good luck!


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