In the immortal words of Derrick MacPherson

> I want to create a local mirror for my internal freebsd systems. I
> seem to be confusing articles that are 'how to mirror' and 'how to be
> a mirror'. Is there some details/info out there that could be of help?
> I would have thought it would be enough to be running ports/net/cvsup-
> mirror would be enough on the server, and then the clients here would
> use 'cvsup -h my_cvs_server ports-all' but I end up seeing:
> May  2 12:40:49 cvs cvsupd[57822]: =3 Unknown collection "ports-all"
> So if someone can clarify/point/whatever, much appreciated.

check out /usr/ports/net/cvsup-mirror/
it sets up a local cvsup mirror which you can use locally



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