On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Terry Lambert wrote:
> Marc Recht wrote:
> > Every now and this I hear people saying (mostly you :)) that some problems
> > are KVA related or that the KVA must be increased. This makes me a bit
> > curious, since I've never seen problems like that on Linux. It sounds for
> > me, the not kernel hacker, a bit like something which should be set at boot
> > time (or via sysctl). Have you got some pointers which explain FreeBSD's
> > KVA ?
> I have written documentation for FreeBSD 4.3/4.4.  Unfortunately,
> everyone keeps substituting activity for action, and hacking away
> at the code, so it doesn't sit still long enough to match any
> useful documentation; otherwise, I would have published what I
> wrote in Pentad Embedded Systems Journal already (example: the

I appreciate some of the info you give.  But every time you reference a
proper noun (person, journal, etc.), Google only gives results of you
talking about it in FreeBSD list archives!  See also "freebsd mitre

What kind of conclusion is one to draw from that?


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