Rajarajan Rajamani wrote:
I am having a crash when trying to use fetchyahoo.
Prior to upgrading my box from 5.4 to 6.1 there was no problem.
After upgrading to 6.1 (and cvsup'ing all the ports) I did a portupgrade -fa to recompile all of them.
Now I am having the following problem

I have recompiled perl and all the ports that fetchyahoo uses but to no avail.


re: perl, did you perform the required perl-after-upgrade tasks (see /usr/ports/UPDATING)? Perl going funky after a major upgrade is often due to overlooking this.

I've no idea if that is related to your problem or how to address your problem if it's not, I just know of several folks who were bitten by not submitting themselves to UPDATING wisdom. Your mention of perl brought it to mind.

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