Steel City Phantom <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Judging from google, this has been asked a few times and never really
> answered.  my bsd box mounts several shares from a win 2000 box.  not
> all of the files that appear in the win 2k box, appear on the bsd box
> in the mount location.  switching over from kde to the console shows a
> list of errors
> smb_maperror unmapped error 1:158
> any ideas what this could be?

No; there is no such function in the samba port or in the base system
smbfs.  You didn't mention how you were doing the mounting, nor what
version of the OS and other software you were using, so there isn't
anything else I can think of to check for you.  [My system is -STABLE,
with the latest ports.]

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