Lowell Gilbert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Steel City Phantom <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Judging from google, this has been asked a few times and never really
> > answered.  my bsd box mounts several shares from a win 2000 box.  not
> > all of the files that appear in the win 2k box, appear on the bsd box
> > in the mount location.  switching over from kde to the console shows a
> > list of errors
> > 
> > smb_maperror unmapped error 1:158
> > 
> > any ideas what this could be?
> No; there is no such function in the samba port or in the base system
> smbfs.  You didn't mention how you were doing the mounting, nor what
> version of the OS and other software you were using, so there isn't
> anything else I can think of to check for you.  [My system is -STABLE,
> with the latest ports.]

Oops; I found it a few minutes later.  The error message means that
the error returned by the Windows box was a type that wasn't known to
the error handling routine.  The Samba port refers to that error as:
NT_STATUS_NOT_LOCKED, but I'm not enough of an SMB expert to know
exactly what that means.  
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