I am trying to upgrade to gnucash 1.8.12 on Free BSD 6.0. It fails with a 
message saying that the gal libraries are not installed. The gal-0.24_1 
package is already installed. In attempting to update it through the ports 
system, I consistently get compile failures with:

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgtk12

The same happened with guppi and gwrap. gtk12 is installed and up to date. I 
deinstalled and reinstalled, but it made no difference. 

I have reinstalled all the packages that had been removed and run pkgdb -F to 
reset the dependencies.


$ gnucash
ERROR: In procedure dynamic-link:
ERROR: file: "libgw-gnc", message: "Invalid shared object handle 0x28078d00"

Before I break anything else, I thought I would write this list. How to I make 
this missing libgtk12 available again? And is there anything else required to 
get gnucash up and running again?

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