Malcolm Fitzgerald wrote:
I have a no name 2 port KVM switch and a Logitech marble mouse USB
with a ps/2 adapter.

Richard Burakowski wrote:
my cheapo noname kvm presents it's ps2 keyboard and mouse ports as
usb devices.

Malcolm Fitzgerald wrote:
Does yours have USB cabling to match or does it have ps2 cables?

Richard Burakowski wrote:
it takes two ps2 (key+mouse) and three usb in - then one usb (2 total)
out to each box.  then there's the video of course.
when the kvm switches, the usb devices are detached and then attached
to the new target, which means there's a discernable lag (couple
seconds) before they become active. also requires moused under x11 as
the /dev/ums entry comes and goes - dosen't have the same issue with
the keyboard.

On Wednesday 22 March 2006 21:10, Malcolm Fitzgerald wrote:

I see, mine only has ps/2 connections, so I'm still looking for psm0
when the mouse is plugged into the KVM switch. Plugging the mouse
directly to the box is a solution but it is only KV not KVM.

On 24/03/2006, at 10:23 AM, hackmiester / Hunter Fuller wrote:

How could the machine tell the difference? Does your KVM pretend it is a keyboard and mouse when you are not switched to that machine? Mine does. In
that way, I can boot a machine and then switch to it and it will work.

That may be the trick, I typically boot both machines at the same time. The windows box doesn't care, it works every time. I turned off the BSD box and rebooted with the KVM selector on its port and everything works. There is still the possibility that the KVM switch is flaky.


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