> On Thursday, 23 March 2006 at  0:52:18 -0500, kalin mintchev wrote:
>>   hi all...
>>   i can't see the mysql 5 version for freebsd 6.0 on the mysql developer
>> site?
>>   am i blind or it's on purpose?!?!
> No, it's on its way.  We should have a version up within a week or so.
> But you're the first person I've seen who wants to install from the
> MySQL site.  Why do you prefer this approach over the Ports
> Collection?

well... lately i'm having trouble with ports that don't update on time and
i have to 'fish' which mirrors are updated and which not. like for the new
asterisk port for example...

also for stuff that is 'really' important i usually build from src -
apache, php, qmail etc.

so i usually go to the src for mysql too.
nothing against ports really, i like them... i guess i'm just used to
build from src and besides i don't know how to pass options to ports while
installing... like --prefix=/here/ --enable-this, --disable-that kinda

> FWIW, there are differences between the version that we (MySQL) supply
> and the version that we (FreeBSD) supply, notably in the compiler
> options and installation paths.  We're actively trying to ensure that
> both versions will be the same.  If anybody on this list has
> suggestions which version is better, I'd be interested in hearing
> them.
> Greg
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