* Fawaz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [20021227 12:16]:
> We are a small company, and we have a POP3 Email server that is running by
> iPlanet. I need to to build a web interface so I can check the email by a
> browser. Since that iPlanet thing was provided by some 3rd party company,
> which is not able to setup an application that fits our need,

> I thought of
> building a server, and installing some application on that server to pull
> the messages from the POP3 account, and publish it by Apache -as an example.
> Any idea?
If you can afford a permanent connection, a spare machine and you have
the time to do the maintenance, your best bet is to build your own mail
server. qmail (http://cr.yp.to/qmail.html)
+ omail (http://wm.omnis.ch/omail.pl?action=about) work wonders if the
same machine is hosting web and mail service. Once setup you'll forget
how they work :)


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