Hi Sergey,

Thanks for your help! I experimented with Thunderbird (v1.0.7 -- which does not have an "In-Reply-To" field) and found that Reply-To apparently worked, though, as you point out, it is not a perfect solution!

Perhaps Thunderbird 1.5 allows the setting of an "In-Reply-To" field? Have to give it a try. Out of interest, what mailing program do you use?

Thanks & Cheers,

PS. freebsd-questions gets too much traffic to turn off digest mode! :)

Sergey Zaharchenko wrote:

Hello Jarrod!

Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 09:46:53AM +0900 you wrote:


You need to put the threading info in the `In-Reply-To' field, not in
`Reply-To' field:)

Or, if possible at all, disable digest mode.

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