Steel City Phantom wrote:

  im using bsd 6.  i write a script that fires on startup and shutdown
  that mounts the drives.  i mount several, but here is one of the mount
  mount_smbfs -f 0777 -d 0777 //[EMAIL PROTECTED]/MP3
  it seems like anything that accesses a file in that share will create
  the error.
  Lowell Gilbert wrote:
FYI, you don't need to write a script. I would guess that 6.0 is the same as 5.4 in this respect. You can set a variable in rc.conf


and then put any password info in /etc/nsmb.conf (read-only root!).

Then put an entry in /etc/fstab like:

//[EMAIL PROTECTED]/MP3 /usr/local/drive_h/MP3  smbfs   rw              0       0

If /usr/local/drive_h/MP3 is mode 777 then you don't need -f or -d

Connecting as administrator seems like a bad idea to me.

I have no idea what causes your error.  What does a mount which works look 
like, and how does anything on Windows differ between a mount that works and 
one that doesn't?


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