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> Hello
> I would like to know if exists a sysctl to get the number of
> routing tables in the kernel.
> I don't want the list of the routing tables, I just want the number.
> The command 'netstat -rn|wc -l' could be a good candidate,
> but since I want to implement this command on a very busy router,
> I don't want it to go 100% CPU just to get a simple count.
> If it doesn't exist I will create something based on netstat's source.
> Thanks a million (routes)

I don't think there's a count maintained.  [And as a developer of
large commercial routers, I haven't had a customer ask for a feature
like that, although I do have them for debugging purposes.]

If you're worried about the processing load of the brute force
solution, just lower the scheduling priority.
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