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Subject: Re: Cheap FreeBSD hosting?

> Nathan Vidican wrote:
> > Personally, I go the dedicated server route; you can get a decent
> > dedicated or semi-dedicated FreeBSD server for less than $50 if you want
> > cheap... average rate runs about $100/month for a dedicated server
> Although I have goggled and have been keeping an eye out, I have not
> seen any prices at the $50 level. Can you provide links to sub-$100
> dedicated offerings?

I use http://www.aplus.net and am happy with them. (If you do signup with
them, please use my affiliate link so I can get a little money out of it
http://affil.aplus.net/Affiliates/click.jsp?bid=119&aid=1002121 )

Prior to that I used sago networks (sagonet.com) but left them due to
reliability problems (their whole network was basically down for a day after
an upgrade)

And before that I used ev1servers.net. They were also good, but in terms of
OS its basically take what they currently have in inventory when you sign up
(they pre-install the servers rather than do it on demand)

All have sub-$100 dedicated offerings -- some close to $50

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