At 13:37 2006-03-24, Imran Imtiaz wrote:
how can i use pix firewall to make a transparent to on my freebsd server.
sorry if i am on the wrong place.

Not sure if this is what you need, but I guess you are talking about a "layer 2" bridged firewall..

Pix OS supports this only from version 7 and pix 501 and pix 506 cannot upgrade yet to this version (not sure if they will ever be able to)

A transparent firewall like this just sits beside your switch and your computer and the only layer 2 traffic that can pass through is arp. All other frame will get deencapsulated and a layer 3 (and up) access-list will be applied.

This is what is called a transparent firewall as it is transparent on your network :)

With a pix 501, you will need to use nat ou pat or simulate a "router" with the "nat 0" command...

Hope this helps

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