Kris Kennaway wrote:

And, even better, have you got a surefire way
to get "my_very_important.bkf" off the disk?  ;)

/usr/ports/sysutils/ntfsprogs/ ?


Kris, thanks *very much*.  Where can I send $beverage?

For the archives:

1.  Install port mentioned above.
2.  ntfscat -fv /dev/ad3s2 important.bkf > /usr/recovered.bkf
3.  restore as per Windows SOP.

So, "ntfscat" is able to handle large file operations (>2GB) in FreeBSD,
operations that seem to fail with mount_ntfs and standard 'Nix tools
(cat, cp, cpio, tar, dd, etc).

Important: I've not yet verified that the disk is still readable
by Windows, but since the data's off, I'm not sure I care, and
Windows wasn't seeing it properly anyway.  A reformat should
do the trick. YMMV.

Kevin Kinsey

What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?
                -- Bertold Brecht

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