On Fri, Mar 24, 2006 at 10:10:04AM -0600, Jonathan Horne wrote:
> last night i took down my fedora sever to migrate it to freebsd 6.0.  ive
> done numerous tests on dev boxes in the past weeks getting ready for this
> event, and they were all successful test installs.  i had all my services
> down and i knew what i was supposed to be doing.
> however, when i get to first boot, the machine says:
> starting sshd.
> and hangs for a few minutes.  if i hit ctrl-c i see that sendmail is having
> trouble starting.  i have a good DNS server listed, and the format of the
> /etc/hosts file is correct.
> now im having trouble getting pkg_add -r to work, everything to
> ftp.freebsd.org times out.
> im in a bad situation, as the server i took down hosts all my personal email
> accoutns (i had to add gmail just to even try to read the lsits).
> can someone shed some light for me here??

Your DNS server is not, in fact, working.


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