I've posted questions to the linux users' groups for SuSE and Mandriva during 
my years as a linux desktop user. They are largely composed of posts by my 
fellow amateur enthusiasts, whose knowledge does not go very deep. This 
list's base seems to be IT professionals who are happy to help non-competent 
strangers, and do so clearly and tactfully. (And in some cases, such as with 
the fellow from obsecurity.com, with a five-minute turnaround.) I find this 
remarkable, and much appreciate it. 

Also, the online FreeBSD handbook is a much more useful thing than anything I 
ever paid to get from SuSE or Mandriva. I'm not getting all the GUI tools I 
had with linux, but I have better help and better-organized reference 



On Friday 24 March 2006 18:59, Jerry McAllister wrote:
> It's helpful to say "thank you!".  Sometimes, when you're sitting
> the livelong day staring at the monitor, you need that.  It's
> particularly an effective remedy for troll attacks and the pain
> of burns from flame wars.
> As another posted mentioned, it's often nice, if a problem is
> a "big" one, if the resolution of the problem is "summed up"
> as well, for the archive's sake.
> I think that the best reward for many of us is that people
> use and enjoy FreeBSD, and get some real work done with it,
> as well.
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