Garrett Cooper wrote:
Jonathan Horne wrote:

Thanks for the replies everyone.

It turned out to be partially ipv6, partially the ipfw on my pfsense
firewall.  Ultimately, the hangup was in sendmail, unable to start.  Ipv6
messages in the logevel 20 maillogs.

However, during all my troubles, I was always able to resolve (I don't think I mentioned that before), as well as I could
ping it and any number of other hosts as I scratched my head for 3 hours.

Ultimately, I ended up compiling a new kernel anyway to enable SMP, and I
just removed the ipv6 support while I was there.  That and disabling the
userlan ftp-proxy application on my firewall, I was up and running this
morning within a few hours of compiling.

So long fedora!



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Jonathan Horne wrote:
last night i took down my fedora sever to migrate it to freebsd 6.0. ive done numerous tests on dev boxes in the past weeks getting ready for this event, and they were all successful test installs. i had all my services
down and i knew what i was supposed to be doing.

however, when i get to first boot, the machine says:

starting sshd.

and hangs for a few minutes.  if i hit ctrl-c i see that sendmail is
trouble starting. i have a good DNS server listed, and the format of the
/etc/hosts file is correct.

now im having trouble getting pkg_add -r to work, everything to times out.

im in a bad situation, as the server i took down hosts all my personal
accoutns (i had to add gmail just to even try to read the lsits).

can someone shed some light for me here??

My .02 cents:
Double check your name resolution functionality. Also, seems I had trouble once upon a time with IPV6 causing similar issues as well. But that was quite some time ago.

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Could have just turned the firewall off I would think in /etc/rc.conf. Don't see why recompiling a kernel without ipv6 support was necessary as that shouldn't have been preventing network connections at all.

I had trouble with name resolution when IPv6 was enabled, long time back. It was explained to me (by Kris I think) that there are still quite a few 'broken' DNS servers out there. 'Broken' with respect to servicing IPv6 requests. So your name resolver would seem to get hung up till it timed out (when you had IPv6 built in). So the solution for me at the time, was simply remove it from my kernel config file. I've done so ever since, as I do not *need* IPv6. It wasn't 'preventing network connections'... it was causing sshd to hang while trying to resolve something.

Good luck with FreeBSD :).
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