On Sat, 2006-03-25 at 09:43 -0500, Tim wrote:
> Here's an idea, many of the distros I download I get from this site, 
> distrowatch..com , most of the distros have screenshots of installing 
> there OS's, FreeBSD does NOT have set of anything, if they did I am sure 
> it would make is easy as I always use them to install my OS distros.

If what you mean are the screenshots found at http://shots.osdir.com/ ,
I agree that it would be very helpful if the FreeBSD install routine was
illustrated in the same way.  It can be useful for people to get a
better idea of what to expect, when used as an adjunct to a solid
install document.

But I speak as an not-disinterested bystander.  I'm expecting delivery
of a new machine next week, and I want to try my hand at installing
FreeBSD.  (I have tried once before, but failed due to disk geometry
errors I couldn't figure out how to solve.)  So I've been reading
through some of the documentation on-and-off, and lurking here, just to
get prepared -- and, um, psyched.  :-)

I figured the logical first step will be to try out the live CD.  You
don't mention whether you tried that, but if you didn't it might help
you with whatever problems you're having:  http://www.freesbie.org/

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