On Fri, Dec 27, 2002 at 12:55:24AM -0000, Timmer wrote:

> This machine runs a web server (and a few other things), so all that traffic
> must happen on the T1.  However, the T1 is significantly slower than my cable
> connection, so I would like the machine to use the cable connection for
> downloading large files and so on.
> Is there any way to configure FreeBSD to essentially have two default
> gateways, and to choose the correct gateway based on the source IP address
> (that is, if I try to FTP from the address, it should send all the
> traffic out the gateway)?

What you are describing is called "Policy based routing" --- under
FreeBSD it's generally implemented using IPWF 'fwd' rules. Eg
something like:

    ipfw add fwd all from to any out
    ipfw add fwd all from to any out

Remember to include 'options IPFIREWALL_FORWARD' in your kernel
config, as well as the other options required to enable ipfw(8).
Searching Google Groups for 'FreeBSD policy based routing' will turn
up any number of articles should you need further information.



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