On Saturday 25 March 2006 18:42, Jack Stone wrote:
> I have been setting up jails on various production servers on
> FBSD-6.0 & 4.11.
> I was wondering how/where to configure & avoid the port conficts
> for sendmail as follows:
> - main host - all sendmail services in & out (or at least out)
> - jail - just outgoing services
> I gather I will need to configure one or the other on a non-std
> port as both will try to grab the same ports: 25 & 587
> Any tips appreciated.
It is generally easier to not have anything running in the host 
environment and just setup all your services in the jails.  So 
instead of running that other sendmail in your host environment run 
it in a jail or only have it bind to a specific IP.

Anish Mistry

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