I have a firewall with both ipf and ipfw. I am using ipfw for bandwidth limiting. But I am living a problem. Not all new connections that is matched to pipe config aren't injected to pipe thus not bandwith limited. I have a very simple config of ipfw as follows:
00100 0 0 pipe 1 tcp from 1214 to any out xmit rl0
00200 16363 19882252 pipe 2 tcp from to any 1214 out xmit rl0
00300 0 0 pipe 3 tcp from 80 to any out xmit rl0
00400 0 0 pipe 4 udp from to any 1214 out xmit rl0
and doing "ipfw pipe show 2" shows:
00002: 250.000 Kbit/s 0 ms 250 KB 1 queues (1 buckets) droptail
mask: 0x00 0x00000000/0x0000 -> 0x00000000/0x0000
BKT Prot ___Source IP/port____ ____Dest. IP/port____ Tot_pkt/bytes Pkt/Byte Drp
0 tcp 212.XXX.XXX.4/1214 18300 22166032 2 1712 0
but at the same time new connections are made to other x.x.x.x/1214 hosts.
Any of you have lived something like that? Thanks in advance..

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