Michael P. Soulier wrote:
Hi there,

If I want to use the openssh from ports to replace the one from the base,
after building and installing it, so I need to do anything special in rc.conf
to specify that I'd like that one run instead of sshd from the base?


Hi. From /usr/ports/security/openssh/pkg-message

To enable this port, please add sshd_program=/usr/local/sbin/sshd and make
sure sshd_enable is set to YES in your /etc/rc.conf

You may also want to put NO_OPENSSH=    true in your /etc/make.conf
and make sure your path is setup to /usr/local/bin before /usr/bin so that
you are running the port version of openssh and not the version that comes
with FreeBSD

'PermitRootLogin no' is the new default for the OpenSSH port.
This now matches the PermitRootLogin configuration of OpenSSH in
the base system.  Please be aware of this when upgrading your
OpenSSH port, and if truly necessary, re-enable remote root login
by readjusting this option in your sshd_config.

Users are encouraged to create single-purpose users with ssh keys
and very narrowly defined sudo privileges instead of using root
for automated tasks.



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