Scott I. Remick wrote:
Well it seems my "perfect" FreeBSD webhost, which had great service, great
features, and a great support community has been sold-out to a large
webhost consolidation company with a reputation for ruining every company
they buy. They'll also be switching from FreeBSD to Linux.

Since I desire to "eat my own dogfood" and continue to have my sites and
pages "Powered by FreeBSD" I am back in the market looking for a new

Currently I pay about $8/month for 12GB of storage, 300GB of
bandwidth/month, and 5 MySQL databases. I need at least 4 databases
(preferably more), and currently average 200-300MB/month transfer
(although I peaked last year one month at 6GB for the month, but that's
rare). I currently use 2.5GB but my space needs will gradually increase.

I'd like to find a comparable plan at a webhost that uses FreeBSD servers.
Pair is out of my league. I've had bad previous experience with iPowerWeb.
Any others? a canadian company has good deals on dedicated servers. mine has been up since i got it which makes 129 days now. there have been no network interruptions that i've been aware of in that time.

i don't know how their shared hosting plans work though...

- Sam
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