+++ Mark-Nathaniel Weisman [freebsd] [26-12-02 23:46 -0900]:
| I've tried to install LinNeighborhood a dozen times now with different
| versions, and it just won't install. However, I need to be able to
| browse windoze boxes like I could in LinNeighborhood. Anyone have a port
| of that, or know where to get something like it.=20
| It keeps giving me an error about my gtk-config file, saying it can't
| find an exit. I've got gtk-1.2.10_8 installed, and the config file is
| where it should be. All looks OK. Don't understand, but I need to see my
| network, any help?
| His Faithful Servant,
| Mark
| ------------------------------

1) konqueror
2) in kde 3.0
        k-->Preferences-->Windows Share


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